Part 3: Proposal and Response

Part 3: Proposal and Response

  • Marriage proposals seem to be getting more creative each year, but few beat Ruth’s proposal to Boaz. Join us as we look at the character and response of one of the most intriguing personalities in the Bible. Everyone has a history, but why not turn yours into a legacy.

My Response Today:

  • I will read Ruth 4 this week.
  • Today I will sign up for a Connect Group.
  • I will discuss the following questions with others:
    • What do you think is happening in 3:9? What is a “family redeemer” in Scripture? How does Christ cover us?
    • How is Boaz an example to us of a worth person?
    • Why is Boaz giving Ruth so much grain at the end of the chapter?




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August 29, 2016

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