People of Presents or Presence

People of Presents or Presence     Going Deep & Wide: I will take extra time this week in the presence of the Lord. This week, I will look for an opportunity to be a blessing at work or in the community. This week, I will gather my family to...
The Blessed Test

The Blessed Test       Going Deep & Wide: I will give God the best so He can bless the rest. I will work to make adjustments in my personal finances so I can know God’s blessing. I will share the message of EASTER...
The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life       Going Deep & Wide: I will assess my heart and generosity. This week, I will approach each day looking to give and not get. I am taking the Tithe Challenge and growing my...
Full Disclosure – No Surprises

Full Disclosure – No Surprises     Going Deep & Wide: In light of the cross, I’m asking myself, “What would Jesus do?” I’m not ashamed to hand out three of our Easter Eggstravaganza Invites! I will...
Can you See me Now

Can you See me Now     Going Deep & Wide: I am asking God for a second encounter in my life today. I will make it a habit to bring my spiritual blindness to Jesus. I will take my place in God’s community and bring others to...

One Church, Multiple Locations

Christ Place Church
Central Office:
1111 Old Cheney Rd.
Lincoln, NE 68512
P: (402) 421-1111
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