Baptism is an outward sign of your inward commitment to Jesus. It’s a public way for you to say, “I am changed.”

Baptism is not only a step of obedience, but it’s also a beautiful illustration of what God has done in you. When you go down into the water, it represents Christ’s death and your old life passing away. When you come up out of the water, it signifies Christ’s resurrection and your new, changed life in Him. 

We make a big deal out of water baptism at Christ Place because we believe God’s work to change a life is worth celebrating!

“My life before Christ was this facade of neatness where I was so wrapped up in trying to find out who I was that I was a liar, I was a cheater, and I was headed down this dark, dark path. My life after Christ has been challenging, but it’s been real. I take comfort in knowing that… the real Cody Keck is founded in who Jesus Christ says that I am.”

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