Part 2: The Invisible Hand

Part 2: The Invisible Hand

  • Does God really want to bless your life? Could it be that He is working behind the scenes on your behalf? Join us as we talk about the miracle that we all too often call coincidence.

My Response Today:

  • This week I will look for God’s hand at work in my life and so quickly dismiss
    circumstances and people as coincidental.
  • I will discuss the following questions with others:
    • Explain the theological implication to the phrase “As it happened” in Ruth 2:3?
    • What does Ruth 2:7 teach us about Ruth?
    • List the ways the text shows Boaz’s special care for Ruth. What does this tell us about
    God and His providence?
  • I will practice the discipline of fasting this week. See Facebook for instructions.




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August 22, 2016

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