A Welcome Message From Pastor Rick 


Spiritually significant 



Equipped to serve 

Engaged in the Disciple-making Process

Prepared to promote a Disciple-making culture

How to Create a Disciple Making Culture 

We live and promote a biblical, Jesus-centered worldview.

We genuinely care for the lost forgotten & the broken

We follow Jesus and make disciples as a genuine way of life

Disciple-making is a mutual, side by side relationship (Romans 1:12)

Disciple making is what we do on weekends and how we live during the week

We consistently invite others into our lives and onto our teams – Disciple making is relationships

We are teachable, humble, and transparent

We take time as a team to read scripture and pray together

We have an increasing hunger to learn from and become more like Jesus

We infuse disciple-making in to everything we do as a team

We ask disciple-making questions

We tell disciple-making stories

We celebrate disciple-making wins

We aim for heart change over behavior modification



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