An Unlikely Story – Jesus

An Unlikely Story – Jesus     Going Deeper & Wider: This week, I choose to not wrestle, but nestle in God’s grace. This Christmas, I will read through Luke’s Christmas story (Luke 1-2). This week, I will communicate my love...
Navigating Life’s Narrow Places

Navigating Life’s Narrow Places     Guest speaker, pastor Gary Hoyt, shares how we go through life’s darkest valleys. Join us as he unpacks Psalm 23 and relates it to our lives.   Going Deep & Wide: Each day this week I’m going to...
When Ugly is Beautiful

When Ugly is Beautiful     Going Deep & Wide: This week, I am asking God to help me see the ugly things in my life as He sees them. This week, I will intentionally move my weaknesses toward God by exposing them, rather...
Death Can Not Hold You

Death Can Not Hold You       Death seems to keep so many of us from really living. Death is not limited to our fear of it, or our suffering from it. Death has expanded it’s influence through the end of a trusted friendship,...

One Church, Multiple Locations

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