CPLC is a 9-month leadership development program for post-high school young adults (18–30) who want to refine their leadership skills in a structured, healthy environment.

It’s also a great starting point if you sense a call to full-time ministry. Whether your passion takes you into ministry, higher education, or a marketplace career, CPLC will expose you to passionate leadership and opportunities that will refine your character and clarify God’s call on your life. We believe young adults should be taught, mentored, and challenged for influence to a multi-generational, multi-cultural church. In focused groups, you will be taught leadership principles in the classroom, mentored by leaders in your chosen ministry area, and challenged in prayer. When you complete CPLC, depending on your current education level, you will leave with both general education and Bible college courses applicable toward an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, at a discounted rate from our partner schools. There are Master’s degree programs available to students who already hold a Bachelor’s degree.

Our Mission: Build servant-leaders who are on God’s mission to see souls saved and lives changing.

We believe the most important thing you will do in CPLC is grow your character and the depth of your relationship with God. We don’t want to develop doers who are unconnected to the heart of Jesus.  As you grow deeper in Christ, the strength of your leadership will follow.  During your time in CPLC, you will be stretched and challenged. It’s during these moments your character is revealed and God begins to show you who you need to become. You cannot lead someone where you are not. Your journey as a leader must begin with a strong foundation that’s rooted in Jesus.

I’ve grown so much in CPLC inside and out.

I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of the year. I’m becoming the person that I always was inside – something that only God can do.
—Cassie Hein, Classes of 2016 & 2017 Youth Ministry Track

Depending on the path you choose, yes. CPLC by itself is non-accredited. However, two educational options are offered: Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) and West Coast Bible College and Seminary (WCBCS). SAGU courses are fully accredited and transferable, though each university reserves the right to accept or decline credits from other institutions. In either educational option, you have the opportunity to earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree.

We are a fast-growing, multi-generational and multi-cultural Assemblies of God church. We host three services every weekend on multiple campuses across southeast Nebraska. There are ample opportunities to get involved at CP including various ministry teams, community events, and Connect Groups.

You are on campus Monday—Thursday, all day, in prayer, academic study, eating lunch, in leadership class, and your track. You will be engaged in hands-on service, learning how departments run behind-the-scenes and up front. Depending on your track, you will serve one or two evenings weekly and two services every weekend.
Our leadership tracks are what set us apart. You choose from five options: Worship & Creative Arts, Media, Youth Ministry, Missions, and Children’s Ministry. You get both up-front and behind-the-scenes experience, learning what it takes to run a ministry department.
Nope! We believe that some people are called to vocational ministry and some are called to the marketplace. We believe that a person’s life and work—any work—devoted to God is sacred. We want to develop life-long leaders, regardless of their chosen field.
Yes, you may have a part-time job. You may have a job that is willing to work with your schedule, but the more money you save ahead for living expenses and pay upfront for tuition, the less pressure you’ll have. Your schedule will be tight; we don’t want your budget to be even tighter.

God has given me an essential role in bringing people into a closer relationship with Him.

He didn’t give that role to me because of CPLC, but He used CPLC to show me that role and get me closer to living it.
—Corey Johnson, Class of 2016 Children’s Ministry Track

You will get hands-on opportunities to use your gifts to tell the Gospel story and connect people to God through music.

You will work with members of the Creative Arts & Worship Team who are committed to facilitating an authentic worship environment for people of all ages and at all stages of their faith journey.

You will understand how to reach children with Jesus’ love through biblical, age-appropriate and interactive teaching, worship and small groups.

In this track, you will work with the Children’s leadership team, and contribute to a dynamic program that reaches and disciples children from infancy to 5th grade.

You will invest in the next generation, learning and working alongside other passionate youth leaders.

In this track you will spend time reaching and discipling middle and high school students. CP Youth Ministry hosts campus clubs on every public high school in Lincoln and you get to be part of one!

You will increase your understanding of influence through media.

In this track you will learn how media is used to help communicate in a modern church. You will work alongside the Media & Communications Team to experience the impact that media and storytelling have.

You will gain biblical understanding of God’s mission, and how that mission is lived out – not only through the local church, but through you!

In this track, you will work with our Missions leadership to build meaningful connections with our ministry partners. Along with a nine-month prayer focus, you will gain hands-on experience working on local and global projects. We believe God will use this track to lead you to your next step in His mission!

Students who feel called to vocational ministry and want to prepare beyond their track may participate in our Church Leadership Class, led by staff members and guest speakers.

In this class, the focus isn’t as much on how to be in charge of a church as it is how to be a servant minded staff member, create and foster healthy culture on a team, work well with support staff, and serve a multi-cultural and multi-generational church. You will also learn important facets of being a staff pastor, such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and hospital visitation.

Without growth, there is only stagnation.

I had just come off of an extremely busy and time-intensive athletics communications internship… I had graduated from UNL a mere four months previously and was heading into a summer filled with more of the same – a job waiting for me at the athletic department and a rather stale spiritual walk. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in CPLC is that leadership is all about growing on purpose. It’s about taking a look at your character and developing every area – not just the parts you like.
—Kailyn Hawkins, Class of 2016 Worship & Creative Arts Track

Being theologically grounded is a high priority for our students, which is why we offer two education options. These options are designed for different scenarios of your life.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University is an accredited program with dozens of new degree options! You will combine general education and theology courses. Taking SAGU classes opens up opportunities for financial aid through FAFSA.
West Coast Bible College and Seminary is a non-denominational, online seminary that exists to provide high-quality ministry training at the lowest cost possible to facilitate the global training of leaders.


  • Master’s Degree Available
  • Online Courses
  • Accredited Program (U.S.)
  • Credits may Transfer
  • Financial Aid Options


  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs Available
  • Online Courses
  • Accredited by the ASIC (S. Africa/UK)
  • Earn an Associates Degree in 1 year
  • Low Tuition Cost


Southwestern Assemblies of God

CPLC + SAGU + Housing = $9,840

Without Housing = $7,090

West Coast Bible College and Seminary

CPLC + WCBCS + Housing = $7,450

Without Housing = $4,700


Available for all Students:

Apply Prior to December 31 – $500 OFF

Apply Prior to May 31 – $300 OFF

Palmer Leadership Scholarship (Earned by panel interview & essay)$250-500 OFF

First Year Students Only:

Missionary or Pastor Parents – $200 OFF


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