10,000 Reasons

We Have a Story to Tell

10K Reasons

We each have a story to tell. God wants to continue to write the story of Christ Place through our prayer and giving in a 3 year faith journey.

The Vision

God gave Pastor Rick a vision that Christ Place would reach 10,000 people on 10 campuses. We believe there are 10,000 REASONS why our hearts are to be awakened to God’s heart for His Church. In order to fulfill this vision, we have to be willing to expand our ministry capacity. Our church is at a pivotal time, and we are prepared to make a bold move

How Will We Achieve It?

We are inviting everyone to join us on a three-year faith journey of sacrifice, risk-taking, and a whole new level of trusting God. Together we can provide the financial resources needed to accomplish the task, but it will take all of us walking in faith and obedience to God. We are asking ever person at Christ Place to be a part of this journey and prayerfully consider a 3 year financial commitment that is above and beyond their current giving.


Every number represents a person, every person has a story, and every story matters to God.

Jeff’s Story

Joe’s Story

Candice’s Story

James’ Story

Our Strategy

In order to see the vision come to pass, we will focus on five key areas of development.

Elevate: Campus Development
New Worship Center at Old Cheney

Key Features:

  • 1,200 Seat Auditorium
  • Bookstore
  • Cafe
  • Connection Room
  • New Restrooms
  • Nursing Mother’s Room

Our new worship center will have a large lobby, bookstore and cafe that will provide the church with easy access to resources and gourmet coffee. The new worship center will be a state–of–the–art 1,200–seat auditorium that will provide much needed space for growth. The new addition will also have a great Connection Room for people who are visiting Christ Place and looking to get connected. The new worship space will be the needed next step in our growth as a church.

Impact: Local and Global Missions

The desire of Christ Place Church is to not only make a difference in Lincoln, but around the world. As part of 10,000 Reasons, we are setting a goal to give more money to Local & Global Missions than ever before. As a church, we support 66 missionaries and ministries around the world, in our country and in our community. We are committed to Love Lincoln and Love the World by serving and supporting missionaries and ministries who are loving people with compassion and spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Launch: New Campuses

Over the course of this three year journey we would like to launch three new campuses in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Part of the funds raised from 10,000 Reasons will go toward launching future campuses. With your support, we believe this vision can become a reality.

Innovate: Next Generation

In the new Children’s Ministry space all age groups will have a dedicated space, complete with a great kids check-in process. Our current nursery space will stay dedicated to ages 0-2, and ages 3-4 will move upstairs to be in our redesigned Preschool space. Our Elementary-aged kids will move into our current auditorium space after it has received a remodel, complete with dedicated restrooms inside of the auditorium. This reallocation of ministry space will give Christ Place Kids the much needed space to grow and expand.


Accelerate: Debt Reduction

As a church, we are committed to reducing our debt as we expand and grow. Over the next three years our desire is to pay down our debt. This will allow for increased funds in our operating budget and will provide departments with needed resources as we expand as a church.

Frequently Asked Questions

10,000 Reasons: What is it?

10,000 Reasons “We have a story to tell” is the theme of the faith journey we are starting to expand our ministry capacity and reach more people. We are building, giving and reaching out during this journey like never before. To call it a building campaign would only be partially correct. We are also giving to missions, reducing debt, and starting new campuses. And beyond that, we believe 10,000 Reasons will stretch and grow our faith as we all learn to trust God more.

What is the goal of the 10,000 reasons campaign?

Our goal has always been the same – to see Souls Saved, Lives Changed. We believe we have 10,000 reasons to continue moving forward, which will require that we create more room at our current Old Cheney Campus. We are looking to build a new 1,200 seat Worship Center, remodel and reallocate ministry space for kids, give to missions, raise capital to start new campuses and reduce our debt in the process. The goal of 10,000 Reasons is to move forward with the vision that God has given us by stretching our faith and giving generously to the work of God, fulfilling the mission He’s given us.

Why are we doing this now?

Christ Place is growing at a fast pace. We are reaching capacity in almost every area of ministry. If we don’t step out in faith and expand space for more people, we may see growth begin to decline. We believe now is the time to move forward. An increase in ministry space will allow our church to keep growing as God continues to change lives.

What do you want me to do?

We are asking everyone at Christ Place to engage in a faith journey. Pray for our church, that God would continue to give us opportunities to reach people. Pray that God would stretch our faith to see what He sees. Commit to open your heart to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead you. Ask God to show you your part in this story. During this faith journey we will be asking you to make a sacrificial financial commitment to see the vision God has given us move forward.

Isn't the church big enough?

The size of the church has never been our goal. We have seen Christ Place grow because God is doing something special here. We have seen countless life change stories and believe this is only the beginning. If God is in it, we want to be faithful with it. God is growing His church and we want to partner with Him by creating space for the people He brings us.

When will we be finished?

The 10,000 Reasons journey will last for thee years as we step out in faith and honor our commitments. God is going to help us over these three years to grow in our generosity and faith.

The building portion of the expansion begins at the earliest possible time (late winter or early spring of 2015). The project should end by the summer of 2016.

Will we be debt free?

If we reach our goal to raise $9 million, we will be debt free. If we do not raise it all, we will proceed, provided it’s a manageable amount that we can retire in a short time. If we take on new debt, we will do it in a responsible manner. We do not want to see the church slowed down or hindered by debt.

Regarding debt, we are presently in a favorable time for borrowing money in that rates are at historic lows. That being said, we want to be debt free. Sacrificial giving will help make this happen.

What will happen with the north auditorium?

The North Auditorium will continue to serve as a functional meeting place for youth ministry, special events, small funerals and weddings, etc. It will not be used for weekend worship unless it is someday needed for that purpose. Its primary function will be to provide a dedicated space for our youth ministry to meet. We hope to build onto it and expand our youth center in the future.

What will the campaign cover financially?

The campaign will not only help us build buildings, but expand our reach around the city and the world. The 10,000 Reasons Campaign will cover building and remodeling costs, local and global missions giving, debt reduction and future campus start up costs.

How will this affect current missions giving?

Our 10,000 Reasons Campaign combines the Christ Place mission’s endeavors with increasing our ministry capacity. Instead of a One Mission Faith Goal, we will provide you with a 10,000 Reasons commitment card. As you determine your goal, keep in mind that it’s for local and global missions and much more.

We presently support 61 missionaries and organizations on a monthly basis; 45 of those are global, 10 are in the USA and 6 are in Lincoln. We will continue to support each of them at our current level regardless of how much comes in for 10,000 Reasons. Our commitment to them will be budgeted and transferred to our missions department each month. Our 10,000 Reasons goal will almost double our efforts in missions. We have a desire to increase our Love Lincoln support, take on an additional Live Dead missionary, adopt an additional compassion project overseas and launch a campus here in Lincoln.

If you currently give to missions, we need you to commit to that amount and add to it so we can reach our goal amount. As our church grows so grows our ability to do more with missions. We are moving forward not away from missions. We want to do more!

Why not start more campuses instead of building?

Our heart is to do both. We want to build a strong base at our Old Cheney campus that we can send people out of to launch new campuses. Our desire is to launch out as we build at the Old Cheney Campus. Simply said, we want to do both as we continue to grow over the next three years.

Are there more phases to come?

Certainly, but at this time we are unaware of their timing. We expect God is going to continue to bless Christ Place as we continue to focus on seeing Souls Saved, Lives Changed. As God continues to move and adds to the church, we will always look to expand our ministry capacity. The timing of future phases will become more clear as we continue to step out in faith.

10,000 Reasons Faith Commitment

We each have a story to tell. God wants to continue to write the story of Christ Place through our prayer and giving in a 3 year faith journey.

One Church, Multiple Locations

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